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Shravya Reddy



I have entered United States from India as an international student in 2021. I have my masters degree in DataScience and have been graduated from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in 2022. I was an active participant in Sports back in my school and college days. I was happened to meet coach in March, we had a good conversation starting with my bio to sharing the ideas and interests.

Why I am Committed to Spectrum 8

My interest towards sports made me to commit to Spectrum 8 Sports. It is a wonderful idea that have been put forward by the coach Kent Baker that defines our physical ability and current fitness level. The interesting and unique color coding system of spectrum 8 facinates everyone irrespective of their age. Also, I am interested in the process of developing and testing the application and my technical background can be one of the resources that can help in building of Spectrum 8 and at the same time I can learn new skills everyday and grow along with the company.

Get in Touch

‪(813) 586 - 3306

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