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The App

Learn all about the Spectrum 8 Sports™ App below!  On this page we will show you how to navigate the app and give you insight into what all the Spectrum 8 Sports™ program offers.

Agility Octagon

  • Reaction time

  • Change of direction

  • Spatial awareness

  • Thinking on feet

24 Meter Dash

  • Reaction time

  • First step quickness

  • Acceleration

  • Top speed

Overhead Throw

  • Full body power

  • Spatial awareness

  • Kinetic chain power

  • Core strength

Obstacle Course

  • Speed

  • Jumping abiliity

  • Flexibility

  • Quickness

  • Spatial awareness

  • Agility

  • Change of directions

Standing Triple Jump

  • Lower body power

  • Balance

  • Timing

  • Power symmetry

Speed Octagon

  • Running stride efficiency

  • Top end speed

  • Speed endurance

  • Turn running

Soft Javelin

  • Arm Strength

  • Core Strength

  • Timing

"8 Mile" Beeper Test

  • Aerobic endurance

  • Pace judgement

  • Mental Strength

  • Running efficiency

How Spectrum 8 Sports Works



The Spectrum 8 Sports App is easy to navigate.  Simply log in using your account information, at which point you will be greeted by the "Home" screen.  From here, you can view the Spectrum 8 Sports™ Assessments, Event Participants, or Run an Assessment.

Select & Run an Assessment

Click the "Assessments" button on the "Home" screen and you will see the complete list of our Spectrum 8 Sports™ Assessments.  Take your pick and click!  You will be redirected to the Assessment screen for the respective Assessment.  From here you can start the Assessment or view the Facilitator Instruction, which include details about each assessment as well as instructions on how to run it.

assessment screen
choose group

Running an Assessment

Once you've chosen the Assessment you'd like to run, simply select the group and/or individual for whom you'd like to assess.  Record their performance and voila! -- you've run an assessment!


View the participants of a Spectrum 8 Sports™ Event by clicking the "Participants" button.  You can apply the filters at the top of the screen to view participants by various groups.  You can also view the performance and details of a particular participant by clicking the eye icon to the right of their name.

How the app works
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