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Patricia "Trish"

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Patricia “Trish” resume of accomplishments in fitness is par to none.  Throughout her career, she seized every opportunity to education herself on the latest technique in the industry.  She received her degree from La Grange College in Georgia and continue her training and recertification throughout her career.  She played recreational tennis and racquetball. She ran road races such as the 5K all the way to Marathons, she lifted weights, taught aerobics to mention a few. Trish’s career in teaching spans three decades and her administrative career spans two decades. During this time, she not only learned and taught new techniques and approaches in athletics, but she was also a pioneer.  She became the first female to compete in bodybuilding in Naples, Florida.  Trish has also contributed immensely to body of knowledge in several aspects of fitness.  Developing new methods of training and documenting all this information and presenting it in usable formats for people to access and utilize to further their own fitness goals.  Trish is a wealth of knowledge and in her own words “Fitness has been my life.  I have dedicated myself to my profession and have strived to share what I have learned with my students and my community”.

Why I am Committed to Spectrum 8

Spectrum 8 Sports is a natural progression for Patricia “Trish” because it has been her lifelong pursuit to help people further their fitness.  She realized early on in her career that one of the biggest issues fitness educators’ faces is the ability to measure a person’s level of fitness so that an improvement program can be developed to help move them to a more fit level.  She has used the current methods of measuring in her own classrooms and have found them to be inadequate and limiting. Spectrum 8 Sports is the answer to this problem.  Not only does Spectrum 8 Sports software provide an excellent method of measuring fitness, but it is easy to understand, it easily communicates this information to those that need it and most of all, it is fun and motivating.  Trish is excited to be involved in this product.

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