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Paul Hurley


Paul Hurley is a Springfield, Massachusetts native who moved with his family to Detroit at the age of 10, and has lived in the Detroit area ever since. He earned a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Detroit as a summa cum laude graduate, and earned an MS degree in Applied Statistics from Oakland University. Mr. Hurley

recently retired after 40 years in the automotive industry, including 33 years at Ford Motor Company.

Professional Experience

40 years working in automotive engineering, including:

10 years as design and test engineer for fluid systems (cooling, lubrication, fuel) at GM and Ford

30 years as Technical Specialist, Statistical Methods and Quality Analysis at Ford

Paul brings his experience as a statistical engineer to the Spectrum 8 team and fulfills the role as Chief Analytics Officer and a Co-creator of Spectrum 8. His knowledge of athletic, sports and numbers has helped create most of the statistical and percentile models that are utilized in the Spectrum 8 assessments and color performance scales. From a large sports-minded family of eleven (11), Paul participated in varsity track, cross country and basketball as a high school student-athlete where he was also his high schools' valedictorian.

Why I am Committed to Spectrum 8

“Kent Baker and I have been friends for 50 years, starting when we met as high school freshmen classmates and teammates with a shared love of sports. Kent moved back to Michigan around the time of my retirement and called me asking if I could give him some advice on some of the statistical aspects of a project he’d been working on. As we met over the next few months, sharing ideas about event setup and analysis, it didn’t take long for me to appreciate just how innovative and inclusive his color-coded approach really is, and how it can inspire and challenge kids as they develop their physical skills – while having fun! Since those early meetings, Kent has assembled an extremely talented team working hard to make the Spectrum 8 Sports system a reality, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

"I think Spectrum 8 is a product of  individuals that have a great interest in fitness, human performance , technology and innovation. These individual complement each other and Paul has been a perfect complement to me both personally and professionally has we continue to develop the concept of Spectrum8 Sports.

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