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Start the Journey

We will train your staff on the S8 software and events.
Learn how to analyze the data to monitor your student's health.

Launch Fall 2024

Thank you!


Step 1 

Purchase the software and equipment.

The first step towards transforming your school's physical education program with Spectrum 8 involves the purchase of both the software and the necessary equipment. This foundational step ensures schools have access to the innovative platform and the tools required for conducting the comprehensive fitness assessments. Upon acquisition, schools can immediately begin the journey of integrating Spectrum 8’s color-coded fitness tracking into their curriculum, setting the stage for a more engaging and personalized physical education experience.

Step 2

Start your S8 software training.

Staff will be provided with detailed software training to ensure they are proficient in administering and interpreting the color-coded fitness assessments. The training will include remote exercises to help staff become comfortable with the platform's interface. Furthermore, staff will receive guidance on how to effectively incorporate Spectrum 8's assessments into their existing physical education programs, promoting an inclusive and engaging fitness environment.

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Step 3

Start your S8 field events training.

Following the mastery of the software, staff will then undergo remote event training, where they will learn the practical application of the software in coordinating and conducting field events, ensuring a smooth integration of technology and physical activity. This holistic approach equips staff with the skills to not only utilize the software efficiently but also to enhance the physical education experience for students through engaging and well-organized field events.

Step 4

On going training.

Spectrum 8 commits to ongoing support for staff through both remote and in-person training sessions held throughout the year. These sessions are designed to address any emerging questions, introduce new features, and ensure the software continues to meet the evolving needs of physical education programs. Additionally, Spectrum 8 provides a dedicated help line for immediate assistance, guaranteeing that a team member will respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours, ensuring that staff have the support they need to successfully implement and maximize the benefits of the program.

How the app works
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