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Christina was born in Bristol, Virginia, in the heart of Appalachia and the “real” birthplace of Country Music. She is the daughter of a Virginia Tobacco Farmer and was the first person in her family to attend college. She attended Berea College in Berea, Kentucky and graduated in four (4) years with two Bachelor of Arts degrees. When the Department of Housing and Urban Development contacted Berea College’s President for a recommendation of a recent graduate to apply for one of three HUD fellowships to be awarded nationwide that year, he recommended Christina and she won! This award meant that the Department of Housing and Urban Development would play for all her tuition, student fees, books and supplies plus pay her salary to work as an intern in the East Tennessee State Planning Office in Knoxville, Tennessee while she worked on her
master’s in public administration. Her intern position led her into the Planning Profession, and she worked professionally as a planner for five years after graduation. As technology began to explode in the 1980’s, Christina’s love of technology and love for her country led her to work in her local Election Office in Brevard County Florida. This career path resulted in the co-founding of an Election Consulting business in 2009. Christina, however, never forgot where she came from and her desire to return to Virginia (and Appalachian) to bring her skills to the people she loved and who she knew needed a hand up. She is now happily living in Virginia and serving her community as a Planning Commissioner. As a notary and a savvy business woman, she is also making a difference by helping young entrepreneurs build their own businesses.

Professional Experience

Christina is a multi-faceted administrator with extensive experience in both governmental and non-governmental business.  She has years of experience in the planning and development industry ranging from city planning, business financing, grant writing and community development.  Christina was appointed Chief Operations Officer with Spectrum 8 Sports. In the business world, Christina’s experience includes extensive background in business development, contract negotiation and project management.  As a co-business owner, she has provided election industry knowledge toward the development of election related software and has a proven track record in all facets of marketing, deal closure and implementation and installation of products.  Christina also has demonstrated her ability to bring new and innovative approaches to implementation, training, and product/customer support.  Her varied experience makes her an excellent choice to bring the Spectrum 8 product to market and get its organization up and running efficiently.

Why I am Committed to Spectrum 8

“Although I have not been actively involved in sports since college, I have always had a respect for the fact that physical activity promotes longer life and improves the quality of one’s life.  Serving as the primary caretaker for both of my elderly parents until their death reinforced how exercise, healthy eating, and vitality can improve a person’s mental outlook, attitude, and abilities to thrive.  Introduced to the product through my business partner, Edmund Bernosky, and his wife Trish Ackerman, I was motivated by how inclusive the Spectrum 8 Sports software is.   This is a product that can follow the entire life cycle of a person and provide them with the tools and motivation they need to enhance and live a more full, robust life.  This product is ideal for people of all ages and abilities.  It does not discriminate or make a person self-conscious of their abilities because it allows them to compare and compete with themselves. This is a concept I can get behind.”


Christina has definitely brought great energy to our Spectrum 8 team. She has a wealth of administrative and business experience that would us build a solid foundation for the future of Spectrum 8. We have confidence in Christina that she can fulfill a variety of roles for us in this crucial start-up phase as Spectrum 8 continues to grow and prosper. 

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